Welcome to Liserib, a dynamic book series set in a distant future where time is currency. In this world, every decision, every action, has a cost in time. How one spends their time determines their entire future.

Our series follows a diverse cast of characters as they navigate this complex and often treacherous society, struggling to find their place and make their mark. From high-stakes heists to forbidden love affairs, Liserib offers a thrilling and immersive reading experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

We are proud to be creating the Liserib community and are always looking for new and exciting voices to join our ranks. If you are a writer or know someone who is, we encourage you to submit your work for future consideration.

Thank you for choosing Liserib. We hope that our books will captivate and inspire you on your journey through the distant future.

As a writer, I believe in the power of storytelling to transport readers into new worlds and inspire them to think differently about the world around them. My goal is to create books that are not only entertaining, but also thought-provoking and meaningful.

Series Author, Da’karai Caesar


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